QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Factory Paintjob?


There are a lot of white and silver cars out there nowadays. Those two colors are far and away the most popular choices in the US, and their popularity does not seem to be waning. It seems as though the number of shades available on new cars is at an all-time low. It’s all rather sad. After all, the world needs color. Interior trim options, fortunately, are increasing as two- and three-tone interior color schemes become more common. But although sometimes it seems it, not every car that left a factory over the past decade has been painted refrigerator white or fancy refrigerator silver. When a conversation I had the other day turned to favorite paint colors, the first few examples that came to mind were modern cars.

The Volvo S60 Polestar, the performance variant of the latest S60, has this as its hero color. You can’t miss it, and it may well be the brightest blue I’ve ever seen.

holden vf calais regal peacock

One color that I love both in isolation and in application is the new Regal Peacock shade available on the Holden VF Commodore and the 2015 Chevrolet SS. A deep, lustrous green, it changes depending on the light. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was the best one I could find. It looks great on a high-end Calais, but I feel like this is a color that could work on any number of cars.


Holden has developed quite a few beautiful paint colors. This is called Poison Ivy, and was available on performance variants of the VE Commodore. It was also briefly available on the Cruze, but it looked odd on that.

chevrolet corvette c7

It is somewhat similar, in certain lights, to the Lime Rock Metallic available on the C7 Corvette. How I would love to have a C7 in Lime Rock with the saddle leather interior!

holden vz commodore turismo blue

Turismo Blue was a gorgeous color available on the VZ Commodore…

hsv morpheus purple


photo courtesy Carstalker

…and this is the unmistakable Morpheus Purple.

1978_Cadillac_Seville_Elegante ruidoso brown western saddle firemist

I’m sure you all will cite numerous colors of older cars, and I look forward to seeing them, but allow me to be the first to put forward this classic paintjob: Ruidoso Brown over Western Saddle Firemist. It was available on the Cadillac Seville Elegante in 1978, as was a similarly striking Platinum Metallic and Sable Black two-tone paintjob. I know brown doesn’t have many fans as a paint color, but I am definitely a fan.


Brown seems to be making a return, and it seems as though its resurgence started with the Buick Enclave. Now, it’s spread to Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and many others.


So many beautiful paintjobs, I didn’t even get around to mentioning British Racing Green, Plum Crazy or Grabber Blue! What are your favorite factory paint colors?