eBay Find: 1963 AC Shelby Cobra 260 – Yes. Yes it is.


Quick! How do you know if a Shelby Cobra on the street is real? Trick question. It isn’t. As we all know Carroll Shelby’s Magnum Opus has long since become a legend far out of the reach of anyone that doesn’t want to buy one as an investment and only as an investment. Buy it, lock it and stuff it in a climate-controlled garage for a couple of decades until you sell it for so much money you’ll be able to finance the rest of your life without having to work. Case in point…

The thing about the Cobra replicas is that, at least to my eyes, I kinda see it the same way people see old Chevrolet Novas. A place where you can attach whatever engine your wildest dreams can imagine. Only that instead of a very plain sedan/coupe, you get a curvy roadster. I’m pretty sure they’d be chorus of people shouting “Blasphemy!” and “Burn the heathen!” from many enraged Shelby fans should you attempt to pull that thing with this car.


It’s an extensively documented series I Cobra finished in red with the requisite stripes and a black interior. Power is supplied by Ford’s 260 ci. (4.3-liter) 260 hp V8, making CSX2047 a 1-in-75 car. Not the rarest series I though as only 51 of the later models with the bigger 289 engines were produced. The odometer is displaying 33,116 miles. The guarantee that the classic car market will not crumple like a wet paper bag is not included.

The current seller has extensive information on CSX2047 as you would expect with something this rare and valuable, he even has the little blurb with which the first owner advertised it for sale in 1973: “1963 Cobra, CSX2047. 60,000 mi BRG/ black interior. New rugs, battery, exhaust system, F-60×15 Polyglas on 8″ spokes, hood scoop. Beautiful car. Best offer over $5000.00” I’ll just go out on a limb here and say that as an investment this car is paying off brilliantly, even if it has had an incorrect paint job over the course of its life.


Yes, CSX2047 is absolutely not an exception when it comes to the prices of Shelby’s as this one is advertised at $985,000. Easily enough to cover me buying every single thing my family owns again (including the house) probably twice over if I’m honest. Still, if you want to keep an investment that can powerslide should you be inclined to make it do so; the listing is here. Do note that the value may be diminished slightly by the powersliding. Me? I’d buy an E.R.A 289FIA replica and put a not-V8 in it. Alfa V6? Rotary engine? The 2.0-liter from a CLA45 AMG? Actually I think Mercedes is bringing their own I6 engines back, I can wait for those. Or perhaps…