QOTD: When Was The Last Time You Removed or Used Your Spare Tire?

In the case of my ’66 F-100, it’s been 30 years exactly, when I replaced the ancient bias ply spare with this also quite venerable Michelin X 700R 15 radial, one of the four on aftermarket spoke wheels that were on the truck when I got it. I found some very low mileage Michelin 235R 75 15s on steel wheels in a junkyard at the time (1987), and ditched the spokes and old Michelins except for this spare. And how come I removed it? Not because I had a flat.

No, I’ve had some issues with my taillights, from worn out sockets. Fortunately new ones are only $5.75 at my local auto parts store, right in the electrical section. How many other vehicles 50 years old are cheap parts so readily available?

Meanwhile, I’m trying hard to remember when I last needed to actually use a spare on one of my cars. Over 30 years? The time I thought I could park (illegally) in a UCLA parking lot in Westwood with one of those tire spikers in my Jeep? Seriously; how incredibly dumb was that? I stupidly thought my big all-terrain tires would be tall enough to push the little spikes down. Not. Poof!!

One thing is for certain: this one is not going back under the truck. Why lug around the extra dead weight? Plus I don’t have a jack and lug wrench in it anyway. Useless.