QOTD: Which 1977-1990 GM B/C-Body Would You Go Back In Time And Buy?

Chevrolet 1977 caprice large silver

The GM B/C-Bodies of this generation have been a staple here at CC from the beginning, and we’ve spent a lot of time poring over their every little quirk. But we’ve never asked ourselves the question of which exact model (and engine/options) we’d buy if the CC Time Machine would finally function properly.

Chevrolet 1977 caprice white

My initiation into the cult of B came early. In 1977, the tv station I worked at in LA had a deal to buy cars and trucks through GM’s fleet purchasing program. Which meant that employees, friends, and friends of friends showed up to put in their orders with one of our engineers, who was a big car nut and GM-phile. One of his friends wanted a new big car, so said engineer pored over the option lists and specced out a new white Caprice with every possible goodie in the book: 170 hp 350, THM 350, F41 suspension, and every HD part that might possibly have been of some theoretical (or real) use, as well as all of the comfort and convenience options. This friend was loaded, so money was no object.

I got to drive the resulting car when it came in (friend was out of town at the time), and it was a revelation, given what just about every limp-noodle American car was like at the time. We bombed it up into the hills and along Mulholland Drive, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. So I’d go back and repeat that experience. I’m still mulling over the color, but then I’ve always been a fan of white.

Ok; I’m ready to take your order now. It should be ready to pick up in about six weeks.