QOTD: Which 1988 Goodyear Eagle Wearer Would You Pick?

goodyear eagle

Leafing through some old issues of Motor Trend, I came across this wonderful three-page ad. All of these production and race cars employed Goodyear Eagles. But which one would you rather have in your driveway? And which would you want to be far away from your property?

The first page mounts an impressive challenge to my choosing abilities. Obviously, there’s a Ferrari and a Corvette, which wield strong appeal to many. But there’s also a Mark VII LSC, arguably the best American luxury car of the 1980s. The gorgeous Allanté would still be saddled with a crummy HT engine, though.

goodyear eagle 2

More choices, here. Is a 328 more your style than a Testarossa? And of course, there’s the lovely Lotus Esprit. The Fiero had most of the bugs ironed out by ’88, too, if you wanted something less exotic.

goodyear eagle 3

And finally, the third page. There’s some red-blooded American muscle on here, in the form of the Camaro IROC-Z and Mustang GT. If a Mustang isn’t the Fox you seek, there’s a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe or a Cougar XR-7.

Picking just one of these is like picking one’s favorite child. I still have no clue which I’d pick. Can I change my own question, and make it “Pick Five”?