Cohort Outtakes: Me And My Dodge Encounter A Few Contrasting Cars

Dodge and friends 3

Gene Herman has posted a few shots that involve his vintage Dodge (1949, First series) encountering contrasting cars, like this Dodge Viper. They’re about as different as two Dodges can get. Well, they do both have black wall tires, but that’s about as much in common as I can think of.

Dodge and friends 2

If the Viper has about four or five times the horsepower of the Dodge’s flathead six, this rare Honda N600 has about a fourth or a fifth.

Dodge and friends 1

And finally, the handsome Dodge coupe meets up with a car that is not so far apart, power-wise. And I can’t tell if the Dodge has a back seat or not (business coupe), but if it doesn’t, it’s closer to the Smart in more ways than one. Who would have thought?


More on some of these cars:

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