QOTD: Which Automobile Brand Is Most Special To You?

Seeing as it is an Oldsmobile-themed day here at CC, it got me thinking of the various Oldsmobiles I had personal experience with over the years. Oldsmobile will always be a very special brand close to my heart, as it was the preferred car choice of my grandfather, the late Joseph Saur. Because of that, I had experience with Oldsmobile since my earliest days of life — in fact, his 1992 Nintey-Eight Regency was the very first car I ever rode in, as a newborn on my way home from the hospital.

Naturally, I don’t remember that ride specifically, but I do remember many in that Oldsmobile with my grandparents, as Papa kept that Olds until 1997, when it was traded in for a 1997 Eighty-Eight LS.

That specific Eighty-Eight became somewhat of a fixture of my childhood, as I was fortunate enough to see my grandparents nearly every single day. This car was kept longer than usual, for some reason, and in fact until my grandfather’s untimely passing in June 2003.

Oldsmobile will forever be a meaningful brand to me, despite its demise. Like Camel cigarettes and Chivas Regal scotch, Oldsmobile will always be instantly associated with my grandfather. I will also forever hold Olds dear to my heart, as it was the first vehicle I ever rode in. I’m sure most of us have strong personal feelings towards a brand for various reasons. What automobile brand is most special to you and why?