The Autonocast #73 – Two Niedermeyers For the Price of One: Ed, Paul and Alex Roy Talk About the Rapidly Changing Market With a Historical Perspective

My son Ed, Alex Roy and Kirsten Korosec have recorded some 72 episodes of the Autonocast, with its focus on the rapidly evolving world of autonomy and related subjects. For podcast #73, the subject matter is the equally-rapidly evolving automobile market of the present, coming on the heels of Ford’s announcement to drop all sedans. And I was invited to bring a bit of historical perspective, and fill in for the vacationing Ms. Korosec. Two Niedermeyers for the price of one.

Thirty minutes of conversation with these two guys flies by like a flash during the recording, and afterwards one is inevitably left feeling that a few more key points didn’t make it in. If you’re interested, the link is here (embedding is not currently possible) , or you can find the Autonocast at itunes, Google and pretty much all other podcast download servers.

Autonocast #73

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