QOTD: Which Beater Would You Buy For Six Months in Germany?

the options are not limited to these four examples

(Submitted by Gonzo)    I will be living in Germany for the next six months. I’ve just decided that buying a cheap car is better for my needs than renting one almost every weekend. Normally, I won’t need a car in the week, but I plan to travel with my wife and two kids in Germany and Europe on weekends and vacation.

I don’t want to lose much money, and since I won’t have much time to sell it when I leave, I gave myself a 2.500 Euro limit. That and the need to carry 4 persons are my only conditions. And I don’t really need luxury or speed, and I don’t have any extra wishes. Well, perhaps I do: To drive something that I won’t be able to drive when I get back home.

Should it be a weird Citroen? Or a 90’s Mercedes without power windows? A Fiat? An obscure British car? Or a Euro-spec Japanese car? Dear CComentariat: What kind of car should I choose? What would be your beater wishes be for six wild months in Europe?


Editor’s Update: Please do not make suggestions unless you’ve read his post thoroughly, including his budget and the other details. If you’re not familiar with Germany’s auto market and the related costs of ownership, perhaps it might be best not to leave an irrelevant suggestion. What might be relevant in the US most often is not in Germany.