CC Outtake: Thrift Store Fords No. 5 – 1966 Mustang GT350 (Tribute)

I enjoy hitting up our local thrift stores, and as the previous entries in this series have indicated, an occasional real find can be made when you least expect it. But you’d better know your details, lest you end up with a cheap knockoff instead of that really valuable item you thought you could turn on eBay for 100x the thrift store price.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see this ’66 Mustang GT350 sitting in the lot when I pulled in the other day. Now, my high school best friend had a ’65 notchback, so I know a little about what early Mustang details to look for. But in this case, I quickly realized I’m not that familiar with the GT350, other than Carrol Shelby was involved and you could rent them from Hertz.

Soooo, after a little self-education, it turns out this is only a nicely-done GT350 tribute, not the real thing. Tip-offs were the white interior (would have been black), factory fastback vents (which were replaced with a plexiglas window on the real GT350s) and missing side scoops.

But kudos to whoever did the car. Even though it’s not ‘the real thing,’ I bet it still turns a lot of heads, and at a fraction the price of the real thing, too.

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