QOTD: Which Car Did You Wish Your Parents Would Buy?

CC reader Brad A. asked if I’d ask you all this question. He really wanted his folks to buy a Camaro Z28 in the early ’80s, as a replacement for the family ’78 Impala sedan.

Me? Depends which Niedermeyer car we’re replacing with the Not-Niedermeyer car.

In 1965, instead of the dull Coronet wagon, it would have been this Bonneville Safari wagon, with the optional Tri-Power 376 hp 421, of course. And the 4-speed stick shift…on second thought, the 4-speed Hydramatic, so my mom could drive it too, as she was a significantly more confident driver than my dad. But since we’re dreaming, how about that couple up there in the rendering become my parents to go along with the Bonnie? And the boat? A kid can dream, no?