QOTD: Which Colonnade Would You Have Bought With A Blank Check?

I was not at all a likely candidate to buy a GM Colonnade-mobile in their time. I was 19 when they came out, and had just been given a ’63 Corvair Monza four door by my brother, who was leaving the country, and was already becoming pretty anti-GM; well, anti_Big Three, actually. But I was pretty blown away when these came out; I did not see this design direction coming, especially the four door sedan, which I rather liked for its airiness. As to the “foreign intrigue”, I’m still looking for that. About as all-American as it gets.

Frankly, I was a bit confused by the regular semi-fastback coupes; I had a hard time seeing how they made sense. And the formal coupes were way too…broughamy for me. So it would have to be a sedan, and although I also rather like the first year Cutlass Salon, the over-the-top Grand Am wins out for sheer visual impact. It’s only a question as to whether it would be a ’74, as pictured here, or the ’73.

The ’73’s front end is a bit cleaner, but what’s that got to do with the brash GA? Of course it would be loaded up with the 455 and every HD option available, as well as comfort and convenience feature. It’s not every day someone hands you a blank check made out to “Colonnade”.