QOTD: What Is Your Nominee For The Most Poorly-Integrated Bumpers?


There was a general consensus yesterday, that the 1974 Mercury Comet was cursed with some of the most poorly-integrated bumpers of all time. Among the comments, Dave B suggested a competition for the worst integration of the federally-mandated five mph bumpers.


My nomination still goes for the 1974 Mercury Comet. Among other cars, I feel the 1979 Chrysler R-bodies also wore their bumpers especially poorly. Their partially body-colored extensions and sides looked cheap and were at odds with the surrounding shapes. It’s even sadder considering these cars were designed several years after five mph impact bumpers were required.

93 1973 Toronado Bumpesr

The 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado is another one on my list, especially considering how good the it looked prior to gaining the enormous bumpers. So, here is our CC Question Of The Day: What car is your nominee for the most poorly-integrated bumpers of all time?