QOTD: Would You Park Topless?


Leaving a convertible parked with the top down is something I’ve noticed many convertible owners do, and quite honestly it makes me cringe. Maybe it’s that I’m just that much of an obsessive-compulsive, hypochondriac, and germaphobe. Or maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many TV shows and films.


Such as the Seinfeld episode where George wants to express his disdain at a Mercedes SL’s owner for taking up two parking spaces by spitting in it.


Or in Back to the Future, where Biff crashes his convertible into a manure truck, filling the entire passenger compartment with it. This might not be the best example, as it did not happen to a parked car, but I think you get the picture that leaving the top down is an open invitation for any unwanted matter to easily drop in.


Of course, things like how long one is planning on leaving their car parked for, and what kind of car it is are also important considerations. For what it’s worth though, I’ve seen plenty of newer BMW convertibles left top down for at least an hour in the parking lot of the grocery store I used to work at in college. Still, if I ever owned a convertible, I don’t think I’d leave the top down when parked for any amount of time. But many of your feelings will likely differ. So my convertible owners, is leaving the top down after you park a frequent behavior? Non-convertible owners are of course welcome to join in on this as well.