Cohort Outtake: 1966 Mustang Convertible – Why The Rambler American Rogue Didn’t Sell Well

Mustang 1966 conv fq

Convertible Week wouldn’t be complete without at least a quick look at the Mustang, and this very fine example posted at the Cohort by LeSabertooth Tiger shows it off very well. It’s easy to see why America fell in love with the original Mustang; with its long hood, short rear deck and nicely chiseled lines it just made every other car look…ordinary. Yes, my headline is gratuitous, but it does underscore what the rest of the industry had to grapple with after the runaway success of the Mustang. 

Mustang 1966 conv int

This ’66 Convertible is exceptionally well optioned. Whether that was all original, or someone restored it that way is of course unknown. But let’s just say it was not common to see one this loaded up, especially a convertible with air conditioning.

On the other hand, the original Mustang was such a huge hit, that affluent folks bought them too. It’s appeal crossed all socio-economic lines, something that would rarely if ever happen again to an American car.

Mustang 1966 conv rq

As a quick comparison, consider that a ’67 Rambler Rogue convertible cost $2611, only $87 less than a Mustang convertible. The Mustang was one of the very few game changers.