QOTD: Would You take the Buick or the Mystery Car?

Earlier this summer, my wife and I were on a nice long walk in the summer in the evening. While on the walk, we went past this house, which of course immediately caught my attention.  Along with that big 1976 Buick Electra 225 was clearly another vintage car under the cover.  But what is it?

The 1976 Buick Electra represented the end of the era for General Motor’s last truly monstrous full-size cars. Not only were they physically large, measuring a massive 233.3” in overall length (comparable to a modern crew cab half-ton truck with a 5.5’ box), but it was also the last year that GM offered the big V8 engines.  For 1976, this Electra 225 came standard with a Buick V8 displacing 455 cubic inches.  By this time, engines had been detuned with mild camshafts, low compression and fitted with the rudimentary emission controls of the day.  However, with the introduction of GM’s excellent HEI ignition system, and catalytic converters, by 1976 driveability had actually improved considerably from prior years. For is final year the 455 produced 205 hp @ 3800 RPM and 345 ft-lbs @ 2000 RPM (SAE net).  While it seems laughably low by today’s standards, these engines were more than adequate to move these leviathans due to the fact that the majority of their power was available at low RPM.

The Electra 225 was the entry-level Buick C-body, with the higher level Electra Limited being the top-of-the line Buick. The Electra 225 4-door had a base price of $6527 and a total of 26,655 were produced, making it the 3rd most produced of the four Electra models.

So that brings me to the car under the cover. Anyone wager a guess at what it is?  Being on private property, I wasn’t about to trespass and lift the cover, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what lurks beneath that cover. And so which car would you take?   The big Buick, or the mystery car under the cover?


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