QOTD: Did The 1976 Buick LeSabre V6 Have The Worst Power-To-Weight Ratio Of Any “Malaise Era” American Car?

Buick 1976 leSabre V6

The 1976 Buick LeSabre V6 has become something of an automotive unicorn. The only images that Google can find are two, posted by the the sleuths at imcdb.org,  This one is from an Italian tv series 07 Zglos Sie; the V6 badge is clearly visible on the front fender. The 3.8 L (231 CID) V6 was not initially going to be offered on the ’76 LeSabre, in the last year of its corpulent ’71-’76 body, which is why it’s not mentioned in the 1976 Buick brochures. But it was made the standard engine on the base LeSabre Custom sometime after the start of the model year, and given that it made all of 110 (net) hp, in a car that weighed 4,300 lbs, the result is a very feeble 39 lbs per hp. That’s worse than a 1934 Chevrolet. So is this the all-time low water mark for any American “Malaise Era”cars? Or am I missing someone even more sluggish?

Buick 1976 LeSabre V6 tv

The only other (Google)known shot of a ’76 LeSabre V6 is this other one also found by the imcdb.org tv/movie watchers, from the 1984 movie Black Devil Doll From Hell. And you think you spend too much time looking at old cars on tv?

Buick 1976 Le Sabre 4 door hdtp br

Since those two don’t do it much justice, here’s what the four door hardtop looked like when new (minus the V6 badge). The reason why there’s probably no V6 version left in the world is that production was low: 2,312 of these four door hardtops; 3,861 of the coupes; and 4,315 of the four door sedans.

I do remember seeing one of these V6 LeSabres occasionally back in their day, and was pretty shocked that Buick would have done this. 0-60 in over 20 seconds? So does the Buick get the crown of shame?