Spy Shot QOTD? Why Is The Future Ford Maverick Pickup So Long?

Ed Snitkoff is now working at the Ford Authority, where they have some spy shots of the upcoming Bronco Sport-based unibody pickup, the Maverick, wearing a bit of disguise. But looking at this shot next to a Ranger, I’m a bit stumped. It’s almost exactly the same size, except lower. I assumed it would be a whole notch smaller. So what’s the point?

They previously overlaid a Bronco Sport over the Maverick to confirm that it’s essentially the same vehicle up front. And don’t let the fake rear side door cover mislead you; it’s not really any longer than the Bronco’s on the inside. But I’ve measured the first shot of both vehicles very carefully, and it’s quite clear that the Ranger is only longer by maybe a couple of inches. The wheelbases are also almost identical. The bed is the same length, and the interior will probably be every bit as roomy, if not more so, thanks the to Maverick’s unibody construction. The Maverick will be FWD or AWD, with the same drivetrain as the Bronco Sport.

Is there a market for a lower but still quite long pickup these days? I would have said no. But what do I know? I’m not a Ford “Whiz Kid”.


Ford Authority