CC Rant & QOTD: Nothing is Sacred Anymore

A couple of weeks ago I was driving into the parking lot of my favorite cheap Mexican fast food restaurant, Taco Bell  (say what you will) and in front of me there was a Dodge Grand Caravan.

There was no need for me to actually pay attention to that car but I was so close to it that I couldn’t help but notice something odd on the tail gate, it was a “R/T” emblem.

“WT beep!!!  That badge looks awfully legit”  I just couldn’t believe it.

While I was enjoying my chalupa, I couldn’t resist to to go online and ask master Google about it.  Yes, I was kind of prepared for the worst but anyway,  I almost puked.  The Grand Caravan R/T was a real thing.

Dodge just ruined a mythological badge putting it on a minivan.

If I remember well R/T stands for Road and Track. Does that mean the Caravan R/T is some kind of high performance mini van? I know it is just silly to go deeper on that.

For me and for many of you guys, those letters still represent a lot. It is sad that Dodge decided to spoil all the heritage of the R/T legacy.

This feeling is so strong that I didn’t even like when they put a “S” in front of the “R/T”. Holy stuff should be left untouched.

Am I going crazy on that? After all, it is not the first time Dodge screwed up with a sacred name.

I know the 80s were complicated years but they could have waited for a better product to bring back the Charger’s name, like the one we have now.

Dodge is not the only one messing up with some serious stuff.

For a while Ford threw the “Ghia” badge on some less than awesome cars, like the Brazilian Del Rey.

But that is nothing compared to see Ford products showing  the iconic Aston Martin shaped grille.

On the Mustang… well, still doesn’t look right.

But to see that shape on a Ford cargo van just makes me sick to my stomach.

I believe there are more examples out there, but these are the ones that came to my mind right off the bat.

What kind of automotive disrespect makes you cringe?