Neighborhood Outtake #2: 1979 Dodge D200 Pickup & VW T2 Bus – The Neighborhood Wood Chopper’s Truck

This is a familiar sight in my neighborhood, as this old Dodge has been living at this house for about 15 years, along with its owner Scott. It gets used hard, as Scott cuts and salvages old and downed trees, and similar odd jobs along those lines. The 3/4 ton Dodge is his faithful companion, and we always wave to each other when I’m driving my old ’66 F100.

The trailer made out of an old Datsun pickup bed is a somewhat more recent arrival here.


And in the driveway sits a classic old-time Eugene-mobile, a VW T2 bus whose backside is slathered with bumper stickers. And appropriately enough, it has a slab of wood for its rear bumper. It’s not the only T2 in the ‘hood, but the number of T3s is over the top. Stay tuned.