CC Project Taurus: Prelude – I Am On The Cusp Of Purchasing My Dream Car. Anyone In The Bay Area Available To Possibly Lend A Hand?

It’s finally happening. A first gen Taurus (1986) is almost within my grasp. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. The plan: to drive the bull from the Bay Area to upstate New York. Or die trying. Head honcho Paul and Jim Klein are probably coming along for parts of the ride too. We’ll be posting along the way. But this can’t happen immediately. I need someone to pick it up and give it a place where it can be parked for a couple of weeks.

This is shaping up to be one of hell of a journey. The question is: are you in?

Put simply, we can’t get the car immediately. It needs to stay somewhere until we’re all available to literally hit the road. This is very time sensitive stuff so if you can help contact us ASAP. If you comment below I will have your email address and can contact you that way. Or you can email us at curbsideclassic(at) I’ll be watching this post like a hawk, so a reply would be immediate. We might possibly need your help today. The car is in southern San Jose.  Thank you in advance.

This is gonna be big.