Reader’s Ride: The Noville Coupe – And Who Still Thinks The Seville Wasn’t Just A Tarted-Up Nova?

Noville f

(first posted 1/13/2014. One of my favorite (and most effective) trolling posts)    Talk about instant gratification.  At today’s Seville conversions post, nlpnt left this comment: I would’ve liked to see a Seville coupe using an unmodified Nova coupe body-in-white.  Ask and you shall receive: Less than an hour later, Bill R. leaves this picture as a reply, and later sent me some more as well as his explanation as to how he built his “Noville” coupe, and how almost everything between the two lined up perfectly:

Noville side-2

I am responding per your request on my Seville-Nova mash-up – the resultant bastard child of someone (me!) with time on my hands, knowledge of the car design process and some cool tools (namely a Sawz-all and a MIG welder!)

I followed the design of the Seville and how it was morphed off the Nova X body platform. I started with a Seville that I found in a local salvage yard. It had been flooded in a garage and the brakes were locked up. i also found a Nova hardtop that was very rusty and had a tired 6 cyl.

The first step was the front clip swap. By unbolting the subframe mounts, steering column and the wiring harness, the entire assemblies rolled out and swapped easily. The same was true for the rear axles/leaf spring assy’s. The rear bumper was a bolt in swap. I cut the Seville rear quarters and rear panel as one piece and it lined up perfectly to the Nova trunk floor. The floor seam along the back of each car was identical! (the lower bodyline was identical too and served as a good reference point)

Noville r

 I de-skinned the Seville doors and welded them together. I was then able to use these pieces to reskin the Nova doors and the remaining pieces were used to fill the gap in the rear quarters. I did have to shorten the Seville trunklid approximately 2 inches to make it fit.

As I said in the earlier posts, the transition between the end of the front Seville fenders and the top of the Nova doors required a lot of fabrication. I did not get to that stage however. If I were to do it again, I would either start with a less rusty Nova, or I would try to fit the Nova doors and roof onto the Seville.

CC 45 Duo

I’ve been hoping to see something like this for years, as my Deadly Sin CC on the gen1 Seville has always generated lots of intense comments pointing out that my calling the Seville a tarted-up Nova was off base. ” the Seville was so changed from it’s X-body brothers that it got its own internal K-body designation unique to the Seville only.”  Or this one: “Why does everyone think the Seville is a Nova/X-Car? …these two cars share very little if nothing in common… I will tell you the only thing a Nova shares with this Seville is the ring and pinion and maybe the U-joints”.  Yes, well tell that to Bill, who found out that just about everything bolts right up.

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