Question Of The Day: What Car Did You Abuse To The Point Of No Return?

My friends and I used to take a Renault LeCar out to the local public school playgrounds… and chase rabbits.

It was always nightfall when we chose to make the fateful visit, and few things made us laugh harder than to see a bunch of rabbits bopping up and down in front of our headlights while we did donuts and God knows what else to that car.

This car was also used by a friend of mine as a pizza delivery vehicle. I don’t know how many suspension parts, engine mounts, and major powertrain components were shed during it’s life cycle in northern New Jersey. But as a car that was ‘Born To Run’, it’s safe to say that this suicide machine like never made it out of the Garden State.

His LeCar was LeScrewed. Thanks to a young owner who simply didn’t know better. So how about you? Was there a car that you abused to the point where someday, it would be worth more dead than alive?