CC Outtake: A Plymouth Colt Premier Lover Lives Here

CC 202 112 800

Lincoln fatigued? How about something quite different: a couple of old Colts “Imported For Plymouth”, from Mitsubishi, of course. These Mitsubishi Mirages of the second generation, built between 1983 and 1987, and were not all that common in the US, especially the wagon. They were called Lancers in some markets; Mitsubishi nomenclature does get a bit complicated.  But then so does what Chrysler called them here, including the use of the name “Premier” on that Colt sedan. Premier? I thought that was the the AMC/Renault big sedan.

CC 202 114 800

But there it is. Hmmm…. I have to assume it was just a trim level, because the AMC Premier came out in 1988, and that name was given it well before Chrysler bought AMC (and the Premier).

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That’s the only explanation that makes any sense, but as I said, the whole Chrysler/Mitsubishi tie-up was a long and complicated affair, involving lots of rope. Seems like it was only yesterday that it finally got untangled.

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Both of these particular Colts were “Imported For Plymouth” but of course many wore “Imported For Dodge” badges too. Which exact models were sold by either or both dealer groups would make an interesting look back, but it’s a bit too complicated for me right now. Maybe another day.