CC At The Races: Best of Britain

When I was a young man I saw many motocross races. I helped a friend race his brand new 1975 Honda Elsinore 125, and even saw motocross legend, Roger DeCoster race at the famous “Unadilla” track in upstate New York.  But at 59 years old, this was my first ever automobile race.

It was part of a Labor Day Weekend event at Portland International Raceway in Oregon. There was a swap meet that I covered in part 1. This is a short photo essay of the racing that took place on Sunday.

Races were held all day, with 7 different classes of cars competing. Instead of trying to figure out who all these new racers and cars were, I concentrated on getting some good photos. I watched two different class races and an autocross.

My first car race ever! The Group 3/7 racers take their 1st lap in race 1 of 2. Check out some of the cool cars from this class.

It turned out I had timed things poorly. This was the last race before a two hour lunch break. I killed a little time revisiting the swap meet and getting a bite to eat. Then, I discovered there was an autocross going on.

It was nice to see this beautiful Jaguar XKE getting a workout on the autocross practice course.

This Lotus Europa was fast & loud. It was the first one I’d ever seen and it was pretty cool. I was kind of surprised to see that it was mildly stanced, but that possibly helped it go so fast through course.

Nothing shows how much the new minis have grown more clearly than these 2 mini convertibles.

Doesn’t this look like fun?

My last race of the day was the group 2 (mid bore production). I would have stayed for all the races, but my memory card was full, and it was well over 90 degrees outside. An old guy like me was done for the day.

This race also had a couple of Formula V cars that I really liked. This one sounded amazing, and looked like great fun.

One of the highlights of my day was checking out all of the cool cars in the pits. If you want to know why your boss can’t afford to give you a raise, he is probably a car racer. Besides a race car, many of these people had an RV and a trailer for their car. I must admit I  do enjoy watching the wealthy play with their toys, but I still deserve a raise!

I never thought Pintos were ugly, but this one in Gulf livery was beautiful.