CC Outtake: The Last Early Caravan In This Part of Town Goes Up In Smoke

We took a different route on a walk the other day, and were a bit shocked when we came by this. We know the folks that live there; she used to teach Spanish at the Waldorf School. And they were inveterate previous-car hoarders; there were always three or four of their previous daily drivers stored on the front and side yard, never to be used again. Eventually, they got rid of the oldest ones to make room for some newer ones, like this one.

I’d seen this early Caravan (or possibly Voyager) before, of course, back when she drove it. I haven’t seen one with the quad sealed beams in a while; they’re pretty much extinct. And this one is now burned out, along with a big part of their house.


I have no idea what happened to cause the house fire, but I can’t help but wonder if their obsessive hoarding of numerous cars jammed on their little lot might have been a reflection of what went on inside the house too, and if it somehow contributed to the conflagration. But that’s pure speculation.

It makes me wonder whether the generation of kids who grew up in these are going to find them collectable, given how deeply they were imprinted on them.