Railside Outtake: Baby On The Mainline Tracks

CC 111 089 crop

Some of you got a bit worked up over the guys shooting a video a bit close to the tracks yesterday. So here’s a chance to keep the party going . Someone (rightfully) asked about what that has to do with cars. Not a whole lot, but part of CC is just documenting anything of interest that we encounter on our walks, especially if it’s transportation oriented. I didn’t have access to these shots yesterday to post in the comments, so here they are, shot almost exactly in the same location, but facing the other direction. Yes, that’s the UP mainline track. And yes, that’s a real live baby (toddler, to be more precise). And so what’s it doing there, hugging the well-polished track?

CC 111 089 800

Pretty much the same thing as with the other Outtake: getting photographed. Train tracks make such a great background for photography!

CC 142 246 800

While we’re at it, let’s clear out the rest of my “people on tracks” files. Now this one I can relate to a bit better, given that could so well be me in my younger days. I used to love “walking the rail”, seeing how far I could go without falling off. I still do it sometimes. Now these guys are “cheating”, but I don’t blame them. How better to celebrate a warm late-summer sunset, but to walk towards it holding hands with your sweetie on the rails?