Rampside Classic: Simca Vedette And?

The Simca Vedette has a fascinating story. It started out as the Ford Vedette, built in Ford’s French subsidiary, and using a revised version of the V8 60 flat head eight, now with 2351 cc (143 ci). That engine never caught on back home, so why not ship it off to France? Well, Ford wasn’t too excited about their prospects in France, so they sold the Vedette and the Factory to Simca, which was having success with their smaller Aronde.

This is the second generation Vedette, restyled to keep it looking fresh. The flathead V8 now sported 84 hp, in for 1959, the Rush-Matic automatic transmission. Americans didn’t have a monopoly on trendy slush-box monikers. The Vedette went on to have a long life in Brazil, after its French life ended in 1961.

So what rather wide-bodied airplane is that?