In Motion Classic: A(nother) Vair-y Nice Day

Way back in 2011 I spotted a great little Corvair on the move at a particular intersection near my home.  How strange that at the very same intersection eight years later I spied another.

Come to think of it the subject for my CC on the 1965 Corvair sedan was located and photographed on the block to the west of this intersection.  I now remember a blue convertible that might have been the very car in the 2011 sighting was photographed at length in the shopping center that borders the southeast corner of this intersection.  Is there something about this particular spot of geography that attracts Corvairs?

After our recent recognition of Joe Dennis’ lightning-fast photo skills, I vowed that I would grab this one on the fly.  By the time my phone camera woke up and reported for duty the little white sedan was well ahead of me.

There, that’s better.  Thank goodness for the huge image size that is my phone camera’s default.

Then traffic started to get in the way.

I was able to grab a few shots as it made its way through a left turn . . .

and then it was gone.  Vair-y quickly.  But no worries – given my history with this spot another will soon be along.