Reader Ride: Dodge Mowag 4×4 B350 Van – Rare Swiss Mopar Mowagen

Dodge Mowag 4x4 B350

CC reader Kartner G. sent me this picture of his rather rare Dodge Mowag 4×4 B350 van, formerly used by the Swiss Fire Department as a brigade transport. Kartner says the van was built in Canada and converted to 4×4 in the US, but Wikipedia says it was converted by Mowag, which is a Swiss concern that has a long history of building specialized vehicles for the Swiss military, fire departments and police. In either case, it’s a gem with that paint job, and looks like new, with only 12,000 km on the odometer. Well, one would hardly expect it to look all ratty and worn out; that wouldn’t exactly fit the stereotype Swiss character, would it?

And this isn’t his first either; he’s had two others. And I like the older one even better.

Dodge Mowag red

Love that “Mowag” emblem on the hood. Now that’s a Mopar Mowagen I can get behind.