Vintage Photography: 1960s Restaurant Parking Lots – Mostly American Fare

(first posted 3/17/2012)    Once in a while it’s fun to peruse old photographs of parking lots just to get an idea of what the mix of cars really was like at any given time. Here’s a few from a gallery of vintage eateries from the site retronaut. Now this first one is what really caught my eye; not only are the Big Four all represented, but we have two foreigners, from very opposite ends of the economic spectrum.

This was from an era when most highway and suburban restaurants weren’t chains, but I seem to remember Country Kitchen from my Midwest years: biscuits and gravy anyone?

There aren’t exactly many cars here, but the one that’s visible is highly unusual. Never saw one on my travels in the US.

A matching brace of Oldsmobiles.

Didn’t we stay there once?

Another chain in its early years.

No cars here, but then it doesn’t exactly have a lot of curb appeal. This is one reason why chains took over so much of the business.

Others were a bit more creative.

Maybe a bit too much so. A French history buff owner?

Smorg-ette indeed!

The martini glass sign has to be represented here.

Let’s end with the classic American drive in. Got any road-food or restaurant tales, good or bad?

There’s more of them here at retronaut