Volvo, Mitsubishi and Road&Track Demise In US Predicted


Soon to be orphan brands, Volvo and Mitsubishi


Today the online site 24/7 Wall Street posted a list of ten corporate entities that it expects will no longer be with us in the US after 2014. Among the automotive-related companies predicted will go tits up are Volvo, Mitsubishi, and Road & Track magazine.

Volvo’s market share has become miniscule (less than 1%) in the NA market. It no longer is seen as a super safe, reliable choice for the educated with bucks.

Mitsubishi’s problems are nothing new. Its tired model lineup would require billions of dollars to bring it into parity with the competition, something the banks and parent company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aren’t willing to extend. Its market share is even less that Volvos, but no Mitsu vehicle can command the bucks that Volvos can. It’s just a lost cause.

Road & Track? Ad revenue is in a nose dive, and the fact that R&T is owned by the same publisher as Car and Driver points to the demise of a great title.