CC Outtake: Overdosed On RVs? Try Some Of This Psychedelic Rambler

No, it’s not photoshop, or some other digital processing. Turned my Lumix on the other day to grab some shots of this fine old Rambler, and the screen looks like something from “The Trip”. Wow; my camera’s flipping out on me! But is it just the screen, or is the picture going to look like this too? One way to find out….

The second shot was still under the influence.

By the time I walked to the front, the effects had worn off. Wouldn’t it be fun if they could make LSD that lasted for two minutes?

Everything back to normal, as it once was, if this can be considered normal.

But then a couple of days later, I whipped out the camera for the Celebrity Eurosport VR, and there it is again. Maybe just certain really far-out cars? Or is my camera flipping out on me? Or am I flipping out?