Riverside Classics: Can You ID Them?

CC 223 153 1200

Walking along the bike path in Skinner Butte Park, right near downtown Eugene, I wanted to get a closer look at the water level after some recent rains, and noticed automotive remains down there. That called for a scramble down the banks to check them out, and see what was there. I’m still not too sure.

CC 223 149 1200

Someone’s going to recognize this rear axle housing, I’m sure.

CC 223 151 1200

This one should be identifiable too.

CC 223 154 1200

That’s the other side of the first picture. I recognize the old street light pole.

CC 223 155 1200

Come on; you did a brake job on one like that once. And you swore you’d never forget it while wrestling the springs back in position.

CC 223 156 1200

Looks like a lever shock on that frame.

CC 223 157 1200

This looks more like a manure spreader or such.

CC 223 158 1200

Now that’s some tough red paint.

CC 223 159 1200

As well as durable blue.

CC 223 161 1200

That’s the other end of what I suspect might have been a manure spreader. Along with other objects.

CC 223 165 1200

Does that front suspension look British to you?

CC 223 163 1200

That X-reinforced frame looks like an earlier one downstream. It has a Brit vibe too. Maybe a bunch of early Austins?

CC 223 166 1200

These historic relics are in not going to get molested or hauled off for scrap. A few individuals have taken it upon themselves to make sure, and set up camp to watch over them Good for them.