Road Trip Classics: Unexpected Encounter With The Brass Era In The Arizona Desert

I covered some pretty desolate highways while heading out to my vacation at Lake Powell. Lake Powell is located on the Utah/Nevada border, about three hours from the nearest interstate. This picture shows the stretch of Arizona Highway 389 where I unexpectedly spotted some brass-era Classics– not some old hulks sitting in the sagebrush, but actually rolling down the highway.


This stretch of road dips into Arizona between Hurricane and Kanab, Utah, and runs through about 60 miles of open country. Despite the conditions, two brass-era cars were traveling down the road at about 45 MPH. As I overtook them, I wondered if I’d ever be so brave as to drive such a car–with no safety equipment–on a highway with vehicles going 20 or 30 MPH faster.


After I’d passed them, I decided to stop at a roadside pullout and take pictures of both cars as they came by. The lead car was a right-hand drive Buick; the other was the ubiquitous Model T.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to their drivers, but it’s great to see these cars on the open road instead of ensconced in some museum.