CC Roadtrip Cornucopia: A Volkswagen Lover Lives Here

Continuing our roadtrip around Southern Ireland, on today’s daytrip from Killarney to the Dingle Peninsula, we were driving down the road (the N71) and passed by this place.  I was moving too fast and it was raining too hard to stop, but since we were coming back early in the afternoon, I knew I would have another bite at the apple.

And what a juicy apple it was when we returned!  I pulled off the road, put the hazards on, jumped out, and started snapping away.  The VW’s weren’t just in the driveway, they were even in the front yard as well as in a carved out lay-by across the road with even more in there!

The active driveway has a 1989 Jetta, a late-model Camper, and there is another older bus peeking out too.  Can you tell what’s at the right?  No, it is not a VW.

I think there is another bus back there, obviously a Beetle, and I suppose we can let the Porsche 911 pass with favored relative status too.

This one is just left of the driveway, maybe not quite ready to go to town but certainly seems to want to.  Is it a ’68 or ’69?  I’m not quite sure anymore.  The healing rains of Ireland might not be quite as therapeutic as those of Eugene, OR, but it’s worth a shot I guess.

Just to the right of the driveway is one of the older buses’ younger cousins.  That’s about as high-roof as it gets.  Landbarge indeed.  One of the front yard ornaments is visible as well.

Here’s a slightly better angle of the front lawn.  Is the white one a new addition or is it going to be departing soon? I’m guessing it’s a new addition.

Let’s look across the street…Another camper, this one with a top that I’m not familiar with.  Ooh, behind it an oddity, a Ford!  Looks like a nice Escort XR3 cabriolet, one of my favorite 80’s Euro-Ford shapes.  Then another Jetta, a 2002 Passat, and a 1979 Transporter, the front of which is visible in the second picture.  But what’s behind them?

A boat!  Did any boats ever have VW engines?  I have no idea.  Speaking of questions, was the tractor tire there before the telephone pole or did it somehow come later?  More interestingly, a VW Thing with the top up.  And then I think yet another MK2 Jetta (or maybe a Golf), a later one since it doesn’t have the front window divider.

Behind the 2002 Passat is another Camper, another Vanagon, and then this, another Ford Escort!  Proudly sporting a 1.3liter engine according to the badging, I believe “Popular” is the base trim, but I was never aware these were available at all in the 2-door wagon style with glass behind the front doors (as opposed to metal filler panels).  The alloy on the rear shows some sporting pretensions of its owner, but the steelie on the front belies that somewhat…I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere.

Anyway, lots of VW’s, one Porsche and couple of Fords.  And a boat!  Time for me to get back in the car and head back to the hotel for now.