Curtis Perry Outtake: 1958 Thunderbird – Bad Dreams Car

We haven’t seen much recently from one of our favorite Cohort posters, Curtis Perry. But this rather dream-like composition of a ’58 Thunderbird shot just last week or so cannot be denied. 

I was in awe of these when I arrived in the states in 1960 as a young kid, although I can’t really say I thought they were beautiful or attractive. I arrived just as the new ’61 Bullet Bird did; now that was a real dream car. The ’58 -’60 was more like a…bad dream car; as in something you’d see in a crazy dream after too much ice cream and cake right before bed. Or coming down with a fever. Not quite a nightmare, but not exactly a pleasant dream either.

And its gaping bass-mouth grille didn’t make it any less intimidating. (update: this picture of the front is by CC reader Teddy)

I called the ’58 T-Bird “The Most Revolutionary Car of the Fifties” in my CC. Of course I meant that strictly for America, and not in a technical way, but in terms of its impact in defining the whole genre of personal luxury car, one that kept growing and morphing, and eventually dominated the market, when the Olds Cutlass Supreme became the best selling car for several years on. But I’m not so sure I’d stick with that title today. Hmmm.