CC Virtual Road Trip – Osoyoos to Creston, British Columbia, 1966


While COVID has put a real damper on any big travel plans here is a virtual road trip for you to enjoy with a twist … it was filmed in a 1966. The route is along Highway 3 from Osoyoos to Creston, British Columbia. This is courtesy of the British Columiba Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and they speculate the vehicle was either a 1965 Chevrolet or Ford truck but the other traffic makes it a car spotter’s delight.


Setting playback to at least 0.5x is recommended to catch more of the details as they go by.

There is even a gallery of selected stills to choose from here if you are not a moving pictures person.


Given the Canadian setting there are a few more exotic cars to be seen like this Vauxhall or Envoy at 0:15.

Or how about a little Fiat towing a trailer at 27:32?

I was struck by the number of hitchhikers and overheated cars at the side of the road. Both less commonly seen sights these days. What do you see of interest or note?