Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Honda Accord (JDM/EU gen7) Wagon – The Acura TSX Sport Wagon That We Were Deprived Of

The gen1 TSX (2004-2008) was a rather exceptional car; the lighter, lither, quicker and sportier sibling to our NA Accord. Of course it was just a JDM/Euro Accord with top-grade power train and trim. But sadly, we were deprived the wagon version. Admittedly, its styling of the rear wagon portion is a wee bit unusual. But that just adds to its charms.

I would have much preferred this over our gen2 TSX, as it it’s not so wide. I’d have looked for a good used one if they existed, but alas.

This one was found in BC by Owen Smith. It’s RHD, so presumably it’s a JDM import. I suppose I could get one legally from Japan for Stephanie in…2027. Look; I got you a new TSX Sport Wagon!