Rolling Classic: 1972 (er, 1971) Cadillac Sedan de Ville in Promenade Gold

I barely had time to get my iPhone out when I spotted this Sedan de Ville idling at a stop light as I was leaving a meeting. Its 472 c.i.d. (7.7l) V8 emitted a nice burble as it briskly promenaded past.

It might be a 1971 – the main exterior difference I was able to discern in my research was that the ’72 front bumper was pushed out ¾” from the ’71s and had PVC strips added for better parking lot protection. Since this car sports the strips on the vertical bumperettes, I’ll go with 1972, which was also Cadillac’s 70th anniversary year. Jordan Tenenbaum corrected me in the comments – it’s a ’71 after all!

Washington Street, Peoria, Illinois
Thursday, July 14, 2016