From The Photo Files: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

(first posted 10/29/2012)    I’ve never seen a better shot to illustrate how closely related the Porsche 356 and Volkswagen are. Duh; since the 356 started out essentially as a re-bodied VW, that’s a given. But even more than ten years later, they still look joined at the hip. Literally, in this case by Ferry Porsche, who grew up watching his father bring the Volkswagen to fruition, and then built the 356 using the family parts. All in the family, and literally so since once again since 2011.

And if this picture isn’t already worth a thousand words, there’s that P&W JT4A turbojet hanging off the early Pan Am 707. Ever hear one of those pre-turbo fan jets take off? Ear splitting. OK; maybe that’s not a favorite thing anymore, since I hear a somewhat muted version in my ears all the time now. Unforgettable, though.