Rolling Classics: The ABCs Of Distracted Driving

Saturday: time to head for Jerry’s, my home away from home, as Stephanie calls it (like HD/Lowes, but local and better, with a giant self-load outdoor lumber yard). And what do we see as we approach at the corner of Chambers and W. 11th? And MGB, in a somewhat familiar awkward ass-backwards position. But there’s more; the plump rear of an old Olds. Let’s catch it up.

Easier said than done. It may be a Special, es evidenced by the portholes, but its driver is showing the old girl the spurs, and I’m hard pressed to get along side.

Eventually, I get just far enough to peel off a quick shot, while trying to also get over into the left turn lane. My dirty windshield is in evidence, as well as the detritus on my dash. That purple toy Metro has been riding there for well over a decade, when my youngest son used to be my regular companion to Jerry’s.

So now I’m heading along the tracks on NW Expressway, I check my outside rear view and notice another CC has pulled in behind me. I recognize it as a vehicle I’ve shot, but not yet written up. I can’t resist trying to pull off a shot. And I know you know what it is.