Separated At Birth? 1961 IH C-Series And 1963 Toyota Stout

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Toyota Stout, which was one size larger than the more common Hi-Lux range. Sort of a foreshadowing of their T-100 two decades later. And it looked quite different than the Hi-Lux. It always reminded me of something, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then I was looking at some old International C-Series truck ads, and came across pictures of the fairly rare ’61 – ’62 version, with the concave grille and quad headlights. Yes; that’s what it’s been wanting to tell me.

The answer to my headline question is obviously not, as this generation Stout appeared two years after the C-Series. More like little brother, with a strong familial resemblance. More: the International C-Series also came in a 900/Compact version, with a six foot bed, a wheelbase one inch shorter than the Toyota, and 93 hp four cylinder (from the Scout), a real Toyota preview of coming attractions:

Oddly, it seems that the US-built 900 only came in a flareside bed. And it was a poor seller, so it was ditched after its second year. Just in time for the Japanese pickup onslaught.

But the Canada-built version, called Compact, came with a sweptline bed. An it came out in ’61, while the US 900 arrived in ’63.

I’d totally forgotten about the four-cylinder 900. Nothing like hanging out with some serious ‘binder lovers to refresh the memory banks.