Short Car Day At CC: Suzuki Mighty Boy – Shortest Ute Ever

It’s become short car/van day at CC, so how about what surely has to be the shortest utility/pickup ever. Total length: 125.7″ (3195 mm).  The mighty-grandiosely named Suzuki is based on the kei-car Cervo, has a 543 cc triple that churns out some 28 hp through a four speed stick or two-speed automatic (“Mighty-Glide”).  John875 posted these pics at the Cohort, and his timing was impeccable.

Not only was it short, but it was equally cheap. The Mighty Boy was the lowest-priced set of wheels available in Australia during it run from 1983 – 1988: AUS$5795. Wiki even says it was the cheapest car in Japan too. Back seats must be expensive. But that bed is just right for hauling a case of Victoria Bitter.

And here it is in good company: with a post-war version of the Fiat Topolino, the Mighty Mouse itself. Got any other short cars you’d like to share?