In Motion CC: Scout II Soft-Top with Fifth-Wheel Trailer – Now That’s An Unusual Combo

(first posted 11/23/2012)    Sadly, I’m not getting in a lot of daytime scouting outings lately due to my current schedule. Fortunately, we knocked off early on Wednesday, which allowed time enough for our preferred urban hike. I was waiting at the traffic light at Sixth, when what do I see coming down the road? Whoa! Not exactly the usual fare. Time to whip out that camera and hope it fires up in time.

Maybe if I’d panned a bit while shooting, this pic might have come out sharper. Nevertheless, it’s quite clear that this rig is just a wee bit unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Scout (or even a picture of one) with a fifth-wheel trailer. This one looks to be circa 1973, plus or minus a year or two.

 Heading for the coast for Thanksgiving?