Snapshot From 1960: Berkeley Sport – Would The Gentleman Care to Drag?

From time to time, I will randomly flip open the Auto-Parade 1960 that a generous reader sent me, just to see where it lands. Today it takes us to Biggleswade, Bedfordshire (UK), where the women are very strong indeed, or the men are just really good looking, and the cars are decidedly smaller than average.

The Berkeley Sport was one of the slightly more ambitious and relatively longer lived (1956 – 1961) micro-sports cars that emerged from numerous carriage houses in England during the fifties. Actually, it foreshadowed a veritable explosion of them based on Mini drive trains and other pieces after it appeared in 1960, as well as the Honda S360/500/600. As such, the Berkeley was relegated to using various motorcycle engines and chain drive, to the front wheels though. And it did sport a fiberglass body and swing-axle rear suspension. The full details are here, culled from my other bible, the Complete Encyclopedia of Motor Cars:

Good for 90 mph, with the right engine. In the hands of the right driver, of course. This one seems to have what it would take.