Snowside Classic Outtakes: Who Needs AWD? Or Snow Tires? Can You ID This Vintage Datsun?

Mt Hood snow

Son Ed sent me a couple of shots from the parking lot at Timberline Lodge up on Mt. hood during a recent white-out. He spotted this vintage white Japanese car, which he thought was a Datsun at lunch time. Presumably, it had chains, as it left under its own steam, unlike a certain Impreza (whose owners will go unnamed) shod with M&S tires that didn’t by the end of the day.

I’m pretty good with these old Japanese cars, but I’m just not getting enough resolution from that pic to confidently pin it down. Or is it another similar vintage Japanese car? Anybody got a conclusive ID? Now here’s a brand you’ll all recognize:

Mt Hood snow 2

The oldest one of the bunch, the GL wagon, sports the same Peugeot 505 alloys that I saw on a similar vintage GL wagon in Eugene. Must be a popular cheap junk-yard swap. That Subrau undoubtedly didn’t have to be pulled out of its parking spot.