Classic Ad Classic : The Cars Of The Soviet Union – Nyet

(first posted 12/12/2011)   The real reason the Soviet Union imploded? No good advertising agencies! OK, these cute twins in the ZAZ 966 are fetching, but not exactly up to Western standards for the times. And the one tv ad I found on YouTube is pretty bizarre. But then, advertising was hardly needed, when the waiting period for a new ZAZ was measured in decades. Maybe twins got a shared one in half the time?

Actually, most of these print ads weren’t made for domestic consumption, exactly for that reason. They’re from Autoexport, the Soviet agency given the less-than ideal mission of selling Soviet cars abroad, so a bit of sizzle was in order.

Here’s another fetching beauty to get Westerners excited about the mini-Corvair ZAZ. But it wasn’t just the fairer sex that was pressed into service for Mother Russia.

This one I scanned from my 1969 Automobile Revue catalog. Let’s just say it really stands out compared to what was going down about then. Or maybe the Russians were ahead of the time? Sexy dudes!

Looks more like someone’s snapshot than an ad for the rugged Volga, here probably by its namesake.

This Volga wagon is fetching, regardless of the model.

Is this the Volga Brougham edition?

Here’s a shot of the earlier version of the Volga. If Russians are nostalgic about the old days, the traffic on Moscow’s streets might be at least a legitimate reason.

This one has a bit of flair actually, for the Izh Combi, no less.

We’re entering almost modern times (1970s) and the new Lada is being presented rather nicely here. Did Fiat send a photographer along with the blueprints for their 124?

As is customary, I save the best for last. Wow! Now that’s a van I could like, the UAZ 2269. How odd to show it in a setting where its rugged four wheel drive is so utterly irrelevant. Oh well.

The only domestic tv ad I found is mighty bizarre, and makes me almost wonder if it’s for real. I’ll let you decide.

(some images from englishrussia)