Storage Lot Outtake: Ultra-Rare Dodge A108 Corey Cruiser – The Scenicruiser Dodge

CC 194 054 800

(first posted 3/14/2013)    Now here’s a find I’m really excited about; I haven’t seen on of these high-roof Dodge A108 vans in ages. And I’m having a difficult time identifying who exactly made this conversion or what it was called (these pictures were made through a fence). Here’s the thing: I’m pretty sure these were an “authorized” conversion, and sold through Dodge dealers. They were not that uncommon in the day, but I can’t find anything in my google searches. Is this the only one on the web? The last one still out there? Update: a commenter identified is as a Corey Cruiser.

CC 194 055 800

As I remember these, they came with a nice camper interior, in very vintage decor, colors and fabrics. One can see the little vents and the propane tank valves below the rocker. But it wasn’t a full-on camper (Dodge sold those too); it was more like a big, roomy family van, with some limited camping capabilities (small propane cooker/sink/cooler). It had more seats than a typical camper, and no upper cabinets or toilet/shower stall. If I remember correctly, they did all come in this popular-for-the time bronze-brown color, as well as the two “accent” stripes.

For those of you less familiar with these vans, this is the long-wheelbase (108″) version of the A-Series Dodge van that first arrived in 1964, as the swb A-100. The lwb A108 arrived in 1967, and both were replaced by the new B-Series in 1971. I owned a 1968 A-100, and did I ever lust after these high-roof A-108s when I saw them, typically in California. They had the slant six, and the LA-series V8s were optional (273 and 318).

CC 194 056 800

The outside rear spare is not stock, to increase interior space. This one has Texas plates, so it’s  along way from home. It also seems quite rust free.