Subaru 360 Commercials: Cheap, Ugly Ads With Semi-Sexy Girl Who Can’t Pronounce “Subaru” Extolling Cheap, Ugly Cars

Only in 1969: Cheap and crappy production values, mispronounced name of the car you’re selling, all redeemed by the girl, who says “wow” way too often. Don’t miss the shot of the 360 getting passed by a giant truck on the freeway. They might have chosen not to use that shot.

And if you survived that, don’t miss this longer film below extolling the remarkable virtues of Subaru’s 1969 lineup, including the legendary 360 Super Sport (!) with wild racing and crazy over steer hooning footage. Also the pickup, van, and the new FWD Star make an appearance.

Late sixties history is so…scary, especially when you lived through this yourself. (Note: the first minute is very dull, but hang in there or skip ahead; it gets better and better)